Monday, 5 January 2009

2009 camp conclusion

Alhamdulillah wa salat wa salaam 'ala rasulallah

Alhamdulillah the camp went well, victorian brothers all arrived safely home by this morning and some who left early arrived sunday, may Allah reward the brothers who organised the event and the masheikh who came to benefit us with their knowledge.

There was many activities and state of origin competitions including soccer, water polo and volleyball, we also had rowboating, bushwalking and islamic lectures.

On a saddening note, the zionist aggression on gaza escalated and we had a phone link with a doctor in one of gazas hospitals, he described an alarming and tragic situation in general and spoke of the overwhelmed hospitals and lack of medical supplies and the suffering of the people.

From the day we arrived almost every salat the imam would make qunoot asking Allah to aid the muslims in gaza and around the world.

May Allah guide the ummah back to the deen and may He make the oppressors suffer in this life and the next.

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