Monday, 22 December 2008

Paintball aftermath

Alhamdulillah our first paintball experience went well today, with 24 participating brothers making two teams, i think everyone was exhausted by the time we left and everyone has at least one bruise they can show off to their families, i have heaps including 4 on my head but as the supervisor said 'this is an extreme sport', so i say a few bruises afterward doesn't spoil the great fun that one has painting your opponents orange.

thankyou to the organising brothers jazahumallahu khayran, and thankyou to the venue staff, who provided a safe and fun experience for us.


  1. Qaddar Allahu maaSha'a Fa`al!

    Sounds like you lot had a great time MaashaaAllaah!

    I'll be there next year inshaaAllaah.

    wa'S-Selaam :)

  2. Asalaamu alaykm. Indeed we did ... but nothing hurts like a good hurt, especially after a couple of days when one has discovered the mystery bruises and limp like a first time lycanthrope.

    But it's great to see one friends on the opposing team use such skill at pinning you down behind a tree. All I can say is great organisation, great lunch and great fun.

    I'm sore as, let's do it again sometime....