Thursday, 18 December 2008

Mind Body Spirit Festival November 2008

Here is glimpse of our work at the mind body Spirit festival this past november, may Allah azza wa jal greatly reward those who participated and sponsored our presence at the event.

Video is 10mb


  1. Asalam Alaykom, JazaAllah the brother involved in gathering all the materialls copying them and so forth AKA Brother Rabea. Also the ones involved in collecting money Monash Masjid and Alfurqan islamic centre and the tow brothers Rabea and Bandar, and also all the ppl involved.
    wasalam Abu-Osama

    Jazakom Allah Khair

  2. barakallah feek for your comment akhi, also IISCA and ASWJ helped out with funds, certainly this is a worthwhile event and we need to keep it going inshaallah any body who would like to donate to the event contact the center or email us